Design VA

Are you looking for someone to take up your everyday design work? We all know running a business is hard and on top of that you need to make sure your social media, website, newsletters, pinterest, blogs and products are all looking top-notch. It can be overwhelming, even when you have all the knowledge. 

So let me help you! This service offers to be on-call for all your design needs via an hourly rate or a subscription; depending on your level of needs.

Now, let's talk details, what can I actually do for you every month. The point of the design VA is to do the everyday jobs you don't have time for; social media posts, blogs post designs, bulk order designing, newsletter designs, small website updates - all your needs, I can help with.

There is a huge range of design work I can offer, so why not contact me to see if I can help?

I have complied a list of product I can and currently offer small businesses: Social Media Designs (instagram posts, facebook cover photos, profile pictures etc.), Website Banners, Newsletter Layouts & Full Emails, Catalogues (including wholesale or promotional), Layout designs, Illustrations, Product designs, everyday designing of orders, Email signatures, launch designs, kickstarter campaigns, thank you cards, business cards, promotional material / flyers, stickers, and many many more! 

Terms and conditions apply. Unfortunately larger projects are excluded from this offer, and will be quoted separately (projects such as: branding, logo designs, full website designs)