Accountability Phone Calls

Do you find when running a business you give yourself deadlines / goals but never quite reach them? You can be super self-motivated but still struggle to keep up with your own goals because there is no one there to say 'why didn't you get this done' like a normal boss would. 

That's what I am here for! Every month I will give you a call (or email if this is easier for you) and check your progress, you can give me the goals you want to achieve for the month and then I will ring and see how you're doing and make sure things are on track. We will also discuss why things didn't go well and whether it was too big a goal or if something else effected it. 

This is a subscription based service but can be cancelled at any time (you will obviously need to let me know if you cancel it) so you don't be tied into any contracts. You can purchase this here.

By signing up to this service you will also have access to our free worksheets sent to members every month, as well as some exclusive blog posts (not available in our normal blog or secret facebook group blog)