Well hello there good looking.

First blog posts are always the weirdest aren't they? But you have to start somewhere. Welcome to GLB Graphics, home of making running a small business slightly easier. We create headache free packages that help your business perform to it's best. Without sounding like I am pushing all my services right in your face, here at GLB Graphics I offer graphic design / illustration work and product photography and coming in May, stock photography and vector packages. 

Let's get to know each other, don't worry, I'll go first. My name is Gemma, I am 23 years old and I am a graphic designer and photography. I run another business, which I have been doing for nearly 4 years called Oh My, Food - basically this is my creative space where I create product (food puns, quote and illustrations) that I love and gives me freedom to do whatever I want. I am in the process of giving this side of my business a bit of love as I have been so focused on getting my freelance side of business up and running. 

I am really excited to get going on this project which I have been doing on and off for a few years now, but this year it's going to become a main thing. I have recently moved into a brand new photography studio which gives me more scope and options when it comes to freelance work. 

I am excited to show you the world behind the business, which this blog will be all about. I will be sharing projects I have worked on, freebies, giveaways, behind the scenes (a studio tour is a definite) as well as this every Thursday I will be showcasing a small business who I think you just have to see. Here at GLB Graphics I am ALL about promoted and helping small businesses and so will my blog posts. 

Please have a nosey round the website and contact me with ANY questions. 

Love, Gemma